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googlesearch.search(query, tld='com', lang='en', tbs='0', safe='off', num=10, start=0, stop=None, pause=2.0, country='', extra_params=None, user_agent=None, verify_ssl=True)[source]

Search the given query string using Google.

  • query (str) – Query string. Must NOT be url-encoded.
  • tld (str) – Top level domain.
  • lang (str) – Language.
  • tbs (str) – Time limits (i.e “qdr:h” => last hour, “qdr:d” => last 24 hours, “qdr:m” => last month).
  • safe (str) – Safe search.
  • num (int) – Number of results per page.
  • start (int) – First result to retrieve.
  • stop (int) – Last result to retrieve. Use None to keep searching forever.
  • pause (float) – Lapse to wait between HTTP requests. A lapse too long will make the search slow, but a lapse too short may cause Google to block your IP. Your mileage may vary!
  • country (str) – Country or region to focus the search on. Similar to changing the TLD, but does not yield exactly the same results. Only Google knows why…
  • extra_params (dict) – A dictionary of extra HTTP GET parameters, which must be URL encoded. For example if you don’t want Google to filter similar results you can set the extra_params to {‘filter’: ‘0’} which will append ‘&filter=0’ to every query.
  • user_agent (str) – User agent for the HTTP requests. Use None for the default.
  • verify_ssl (bool) – Verify the SSL certificate to prevent traffic interception attacks. Defaults to True.
Return type:

generator of str


Generator (iterator) that yields found URLs. If the stop parameter is None the iterator will loop forever.

googlesearch.lucky(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Shortcut to single-item search.

Same arguments as the main search function, but the return value changes.

Return type:str
Returns:URL found by Google.

Get a random user agent string.

Return type:str
Returns:Random user agent string.
googlesearch.get_tbs(from_date, to_date)[source]

Helper function to format the tbs parameter.

  • from_date (datetime.date) – Python date object.
  • to_date (datetime.date) – Python date object.
Return type:



Dates encoded in tbs format.